Mitsubishi Solar PV Systems

Micro Vision proudly launch Mitsubishi Photovoltaic Modules – Made in Japan

Mitsubishi Electric is a leading manufacturer of photovoltaic (PV) power systems worldwide. Mitsubishi PV generation technology originates from research on PV cells for satellites, which started back in 1974. In combination with their vast experience and accumulated know-how in power systems and semiconductor technology, they have developed photovoltaic systems designed for superior performance and unbeatable reliability. At Mitsubishi Electric, they integrate all of their PV product development and manufacturing operations at their own facilities in Japan. From cell research and production to the manufacturing of modules, they are able to take control in each step of the process. That is why they are fully confident in the highest quality of our products. Enjoy peace of mind for years to come with Mitsubishi Electric’s photovoltaic systems.

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