Power Generation Systems

Renewable Energy

wind-turbine-and-solar-panelslinnwepagePower  generation  systems  for  a  better,  greener  future  that  utilize  untapped  natural  resources  in  the country. Grid connected and independent mini hydro, solar and wind power generation kits designed and ready  to  deploy  in  agriculture,  livestock,  leisure  and  education  fields.  Consultancy  for  power  projects using advanced hydrology, environmental and wind surveys in accordance with guidelines by sustainable energy authority of Sri Lanka. Microvision already working on grid connected hydro power plant located in Mull Oya stream in Mederapitiya, Sri Lanka with estimated generation capacity of  > 1.38 Million units per year.  For  our  esteemed  clients  we  can  offer  francis,  Kaplan  and  Viktor  turbines  to  handle  electricity generation requirements.

Solar power kits for commercial properties, eco tourist developments, plantations and residential users partnering with renowned brands backed by our service and warranty.

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